Clerks 3

The Clerks 3 Poster from San Diego Comic Con 2022.

Having a little monster limits the amount of time I can spend watching movies. And the pandemic certainly slowed the production line of content down. But last night, I managed to squeeze in a watch of Clerks 3.

As a caveat, I’m a fan of Kevin Smith and his movies. I didn’t discover Clerks until well after its release, but loved it. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks 2 are all favorites as well. So it isn’t a surprise I also enjoyed Clerks 3, which is a two-hour nostalgia bomb of a movie. Kevin Smith, like all of us, is much older now, with more life experience under his belt. And this shows throughout the movie, which reminds the viewer to cherish the time we have, even as it dedicates large portions to fan service. The movie wraps up the Clerks trilogy nicely in the end, and it is worth watching through the credits to hear Kevin Smith mention some dialog he omitted in the end.

The only downside is this does feel like the end of the View Askew universe. But for the sake of Jay and Silent Bob, I hope not.

Snoochie boochies.